Static & Dust Remover

Static & Dust Remover

Static & Dust Remover
Brand: SSD Japan
Product Code: TRZ Maxi
Waranty : 12 Months
Availability: In Stock


(1) SSD dust remover.pdf

Main Features

  • With Strong Vacuum fan, correct the particle that blown away inside box. (Trz:Cube, Trz:Maxi)
  • Strong Air blow nozzle at up and down side. Installed three nozzles two for upper sides one for down side.
  • Installed SSD HDC-AC Ionizer and perform fast decay performance.
  • Easy operation by timer controlled air blow.

  • Effective Four kinds of pulsed air blow

  • Attached additional Filter (1 pc)

  • You can chose non-fan vacuum type(Flt:CuBe) in case you haveindependent vacuum system


Model Trz:Cube Flt:Cube Trz:MaXi
Input Voltage AC100V~240V(50/60Hz) ±10%
Electric Consumption Maximum 240W Maximum 50W Maximum 240W
Ionizer Specifications Discharge Method: HDC-AC
Ion Balance: Below ±30V
Decay time: Below 1 second (0.6MPa air pressured)*1
Supplied Air CDA (Clean and dried air) *2
Available Air pressure 0.2MPa~0.6MPa*3
Size of air fitting Diameter 8mm
Air Blow nozzle Upper side: 2units(Angle adjustable)
Down side: 1unit
Upper side: 2units(Hight adjustable)
Down side:1unit(ON/OFF avairable
Filter Specification Correct 98% of the particle over 10  m
Air Blow Pulse setting 1Hz, 3Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, Cont
Air Blow Time setting 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, Real
Fan Speed Non-step adjustable
Additional Function - Foot Switch/Sensor/Continuously Blow Selector
Slide Table
Air Consumption 270/min ANR (at 0.3MPa Cont setting) 300/min􀀁ANR (at0.3MPa Cont setting)
Vacuum System Fan Dust Corrector Fan
Sound Level Minimum fan speed:51dBA􀉹        50% Fan speed: 74dBA
Dimensions 225x360x400mm(WxHxD) 425x370x425mm(WxHxD)
Weight Approx. 9kg Approx. 8.5kg
Available environment 0~40°C / 15~85%RH (without condensation)
Accessories Manual, Power Cable, Filter, FootSwitch(Maxi only)
Option Part Filter (5 piecs): Trz-RKF05 Filter(5piece):Trz-MXF05

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