ion Bar

Ion Bar

Main Features

HDC-AC technology provides stable and long-term static elimination
capabilities. We have designed an ionizer that does not require
cleaning over the long term.

1) 30% increase in capabilities
2) Long-term stability of static elimination capabilities
3) Decrease in emitter needle abrasions
4) Ultra low ozone
5) Superior ion balance
6) Minimum flow type nozzle
7) Cleaning timer
8) Emitter needle variations
9) Safety features


Ion generation method Corona discharge method (HDC-AC)
Input power supply DC24V ±5%
Output voltage under
abnormal circumstances
No voltage contact output
(by normal close MOSFET relay)
Unit dimensions 350~3100×92×29mm (W×H×D) DC24V±5%
Air supply range Less than 0.5MPa
Ion balance Within ±30V
(distance 300mm,  air pressure 0.3MPa at time of supply)
Operating environment Surrounding temperature: 5~40°C, surrounding humidity:
5%~85% (no condensation)Air supply: clean dry air
Accompanying items Operation manual, mounting bracket,
power supply and signal,connector cable (3m),
intermediate bracket (over 1100mm)