Temp. Controlled Soldering Station

Temp. Controlled Soldering Station

Quick Heat Recovery

New heater with internal sensor achieves 60W.

Easy to Use

Allows two-tiered setting with another RX-701AS/711AS.

High Insulation. Reliable 24V Output.
The heater is completely separated from the input power by the insulated transformer. And the 24V heater is safe to use for sensitive components.


Model RX-701AS RX-711AS
Voltage 110V,120V,130V,220V,230V,240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 65W
Power Cord Length 1.2m
Temperature Setting Range 200–450°C 200–480°C
Ripple temperature ±5˚C (unloaded)
Insulation Resistance  Over 100MΩ (500V DC)
Accessories Soldering Iron Stand (ST-27 ),Soldering Iron Tip (PX-60RT-B)

Control Unit
Output Voltage 24V AC
Dimensions   115(W) × 98(H) × 146(D)mm
Weight  1.5kg

Soldering Unit
Voltage / Consumption 24V AC / 60W
Ground Resistance Less than 2Ω
Leak Voltage Less than 2mV
Heater Ceramic heater
Cord Length 1.2m
Length 197mm (with PX-60RT-B)
Weight  44g (with PX-60RT-B)