Temp. Control Soldering station

Temp. Control Soldering station

Excellent Heat Recovery (PAT.)

Excellent heat recovery has been achieved by combining a 150W compact high-output heater with a high-sensitivity sensor.
Fastest in Its Class
Reaches 350°C in only 14 seconds. (Only 6 seconds when using RX-80HRT tips.)
Light and Compact Handpiece
Same size as the RX-80GAS.
Tip Replacement without Tools (PAT.)
Slide-change tip. Easy to replace a hot tip without any other tools.
Thick Tip Coating for Lead-free Soldering
All tips have extra-thick iron plating, to resist erosion by lead-free solder.
RX-80HRT Tips also Available
More than 40 tips are available, including the RX-80HRT tips.
How to Change Tips

Slide the lever in the direction of the arrow. The tip will come out. Hold and pull the plastic housing of the tip.

Tip-temperature Recovery Features
Handpiece Grip Rubber


Model RX-852AS
Voltage 110–120V, 220–240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 145–170W
Power Cord Length 1.5m inlet type
Temperature Setting Range 50–450°C
Ripple temperature ±5˚C (unloaded)
Insulation Resistance  Over 100MΩ (500V DC)

Control Unit
Output Voltage 24V AC
Dimensions   116(W) × 105(H) × 194(D)mm
Weight  4.8kg

Soldering Unit
Voltage / Consumption 24V AC / 150W
Ground Resistance Less than 2Ω
Leak Voltage Less than 2mV

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