Screw driver

Screw driver

Brushless Motor screw Driver (0.3-2 kgf-cm) with Power supply
Brand: ASA
Product Code: BS-2000
Waranty : 12 Months
Availability: In Stock


(1) ASA-BS series.pdf

ESD type is available for ordering.

  • The highest speed 2000rpm design and offer two years warranty for free repair service.
  • Use the high efficiency brushless motor gives unsurpassed durability.
  • Adopt the carbon brushless motor that it will reduce the business cost effectively.
  • Brushless motor design that is available in the clean room operation.
  • Adopt excelleny gold plating switch that it can raise the contact spot life up to 10 million times and reduce the maintenance cost.
  • No any carbon particle flow out not responses to the earth environment protection but also reduces air pollution.




Model No. Torque Range Available controller  No load speed  Available Screw
kgf-cm ibf-in Machine screw Tapping screw 
BS-2000 0.3~2.0 0.26~1.7 APS-301A AM-30 700-1000 1.0~202mm/0.04~0.09in      1.0~2.0mm/0.04~0.08in