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Electric Screw Driver

Print Name: Fully- Auto Shut off Electric Screw Driver with Power supply.
Brand: ASA
Product Code: ASA-S2000M
Waranty : 12 Months
Availability: In Stock

(1) ASA swiss motor series.pdf

ESD type is available for ordering.

  • The electric screwdriver is very compact, accurate and durable. design not only in the most compact body of diameter 26mm, overall length 158mm and weight 187g but the lowest power consumption 6w in the world. The 6 bearing are inbuit in the hammer casing to reduce the anvil friction and bit vibration and to improve the output torque precision.
  • The electric screwdriver can last through a lifetime; it outlasts several electric screwdrivers of other brand.
    The everlasting durability is designed with 10 million times in use in three year (The Switzerland patented motor  permits continued operation at least 20,000 hours (about 10 years operation) the service life of the contact point withstands 10 million on and off contacts.
  • This product can be used in the clean room. It has passed SGS Clean room Class-10 test.


Model No.

Torque Range

Available controller 

No load speed 

Available Screw



Machine screw

Tapping screw 




APS-301A AM-30




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